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What can we do to stop the destruction of this historic site and prevent further pollution of our river? We must let our local political leaders know that we are opposed to Norfolk Southern’s lease and development of this sensitive property.

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2. Be on the lookout for events such as Zoning Hearings, neighborhood meetings, and public comment periods.  All events will be posted on our Facebook page.

3. Send letters to our city leaders, community organizations, and to Norfolk Southern and Lincoln Energy Solutions.

  • Download this template; customize it with your own information and any additional messages you want to share.
  • Mail it to any (or all!) of the people below.



Click on the Name Below for Email (where available)


City of Atlanta Leadership


Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms         Mayor of Atlanta

Carol Anderson                                  Assistant to the Mayor

Anne Torres                                        Director of Communications

Atlanta City Council                            

Felicia Moore                                      City Council President

Carla Smith                                         Council Member District 1

Amir Farokhi                                       Council Member District 2

Antonio Brown                                    Council Member District 3

Cleta Winslow                                     Council Member District 4

Natalyn Archibong                              Council Member District 5

Jennifer N. Ide                                     Council Member District 6

Howard Shook                                     Council Member District 7

J.P. Matzigkeit                                     Council Member District 8

Dustin Hillis                                          Council Member District 9

Andrea L. Boone                                  Council Member District 10

Marci Collier Overstreet                      Council Member District 11

Joyce Sheperd                                     Council Member District 12

Michael Julian Bond                           Post 1 At Large

Matt Westmoreland                            Post 2 At Large

Andre Dickens                                     Post 3 At Large

Tim Keane                                          Commissioner, Dept of City Planning

Josh Rowan                                        Atlanta DOT Commissioner


Norfolk Southern                              


James A. Squires                                Chairman, President and CEO

Ann A. Adams                                      Executive VP and Chief Transportation Officer

Vanessa Allen Sutherland                  Executive VP and Chief Legal Officer

Mark R. George                                    Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer

Cynthia M. “Cindy” Sanborn               Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer

Alan H. Shaw                                        Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer

Michael J. Wheeler                              Special Advisor to the Chief Opererating Officer

Thomas D. Bell Jr.                                Board of Directors

Mitchell E. Daniels Jr                           Board of Directors

Marcella E. Donadio                             Board of Directors

John C. “Jack” Huffard Jr.                   Board of Directors

Christopher T. Jones                            Board of Directors

Thomas C. “Colm” Kelleher                 Board of Directors

Steven F. Leer                                        Board of Directors

Michael D. Lockhart                             Board of Directors

Amy E. Miles                                         Board of Directors

Claude Mongeau                                 Board of Directors

Jennifer S. Scanlon                             Board of Directors

John R. Thompson                              Board of Directors

Peter Sharpel                                        Director of Media Relations

Diversity & Inclusion Department          Diversity & Inclusion Department

Norfolk Southern Comment Line          Email to send ideas on how to improve enviromental, social, and governance performance



State House of Representatives          


Sheila Jones (Atlanta)                          District 53, Fulton, Cobb

Erick Allen (Smyrna)                             District 40; Fulton, Cobb

Terri Anulewicz (Smyrna)                     District 42; Cobb

Park Cannon (Atlanta)                          District 59; Fulton

Roger Bruce (Atlanta)                           District 61; Cobb, Douglas, Fulton

David Dreyer (Atlanta)                          District 59; Fulton

Becky Evans (Atlanta)                          District 83; DeKalb

Pat Gardner (Atlanta)                           District 57; Fulton

Scott Holcomb (Atlanta)                      District 81; Dekalb/Gwinnett

Betsy Holland (Atlanta)                        District 54; Fulton

Jan Jones (Atlanta)                              District 47; Fulton

Marie Metze (Atlanta)                          District 55; Fulton

Bee Nguyen (Atlanta)                           District 89; Dekalb

Kim Schofield (Atlanta)                        District 60; Clayton, Fulton

“Able” Mable Thomas (Atlanta)          District 56; Fulton


Georgia State Senate


Horacena Tate                                     District 38

Karen Thompson                                Senator Tate’s legislative administrator